Herbal Sleep Aid Products Compared

Around 40 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems that affect their health, emotional well being and outlook on life. While many people take chemical aids, herbal sleep aid products can be a far better and more natural way to get the sleep you need. There are a number of options on the market, though some are more effective than others, especially for specific sleep problems.

Not everyone responds the same way to herbal remedies, so if you find that you donít have success with one type of sleep aid, you should try another. The ability to get a good nightís sleep, without worrying about the toxicity of the medication you take to get it, is important.

There are a few common herbs used in sleep remedies. These include:
Melatonin: This is naturally found in the body, but requires a certain level to induce proper sleep patterns. It also helps improve the quality of sleep.
Valerian Root: A natural sedative that sooths and calms.
5-HTP: This is a neurotransmitter that not only helps you feel happier and more balanced, but encourages healthy sleep cycles.
Passion Flower: This herb reduces stress and anxiety and helps you feel calmer.
Hops: Commonly known for their use in beer, hops are medically beneficial and can help you have a better nightís sleep.

The best natural sleep remedies use a combination of two or more ingredients to give the best results. Here are 3 herbal sleep aid products from high quality companies you should consider.

Serenite Plus

Serenite Plus from Native Remedies is an herbal formula containing four natural ingredients to help you rest, melatonin, 5-HTP and valerian, as well as passion flower.

In todayís high stress world, many people have problems getting to sleep because they are anxious and thinking about their day. Itís important to ensure that your mind is calm before heading to bed, yet this is precisely when many start to worry more.

When youíve had a busy day and your mind simply will not shut down, Serenite Plus helps calm the mind and promotes sleepiness. Itís ideal for those dealing with too much stress during the day and who find themselves restless and anxious at night.

The valerian root and 5-HTP help keep anxiety to a minimum while the melatonin will help you actually fall asleep and stay there, experiencing restful sleep cycles throughout the night.

Serenite Plus is designed to help adults and teens alike to get a better nightís sleep.

Herbal Sleep

Herbal Sleep, from Nature's Sunshine is made to ease the nervous system and help you sleep faster. This all natural sleep aid contains a variety of herbs that help to calm the nerves and ease anxiety.

Itís another good option for those suffering from undue stress in their lives. The valerian root is helpful in calming the mind, as mentioned above, and both passion fruit and hops are useful in easing nervous tension.

Anyone dealing with constant stress and tension in their lives can find that insomnia affects them. If this is the case, then the right blend of herbs is essential for treating the problem and helping you get a proper sleep.

Without sleep, things can continue to spiral out of control and can result in a vicious cycle. Herbal Sleep ensures that stress and nerves are not a problem when you head to bed at night and reduces the instances of stress induced insomnia.

Neuro Natural Sleep

Neuro Natural Sleep is manufactured by Xtend-life and is one of the more complex herbal sleep aid products on the market. It makes use of a variety of herbal extracts, amino acids as well as vitamins and nutrients to give the desired effect . . . a healthy sleep cycle.

The ingredients list is lengthy, thanks to an abundance of herbs and nutrients that are all beneficial to the body and to preventing anxiety and stress.

In addition to hops and passionflower extract, Neuro Natural Sleep also contains bacopin extract, which reduces anxiety and worry, bilberry extract which is helpful in improving blood flow to the nervous system and chamomile extract, which is soothing and sleep inducing.

Other ingredients include rosemary extract, grape seed extract, hawthorne extract and several other antioxidants. This product contains these vital nutrients, as well, to keep the body running properly. With better health comes better sleep and the herbs that help ease anxiety can help.

Improving Your Sleep Safely

Anyone who has used sleeping pills or other sleep aid drugs can tell you that these can cause a number of issues, including addiction. When your body requires drugs to get to sleep each night, youíll find that dosage must increase because you build up a tolerance. Natural sleep aids are a far better option and can allow you to get that sleep without adding toxins to the body.

Herbal sleep aid products like those profiled here can help you reduce the stress and establish proper sleep cycles. When combined with a healthy diet, exercise and stress reduction techniques, you will find that it is easier to deal with every day issues in life and you will feel far better rested and healtheir. Remember that not every herbal supplement will be right for you, so you may need to test more than one.

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