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How to Treat Minor Burns

Here are several burn remedies you have in your kitchen cabinet.

Burn remedies should be used immediately to avoid further damage to skin. Have you received a minor burn and a wondering how to treat a burn? Keep reading for some of our most effective burn home remedies.

best burn remedy What is the first thought when you think of a burn or scald? PAIN!!!! Burns, minor or major can cause a lot of pain real quick. So the first thing you should do if you get burned or scaled is to run cold water over it for 15 to 20 minutes.

This “cools off” the burn. It is like when you boil eggs, when they are cooked just right, you rinse them in cold water to stop the “cooking process”.

So when you run cold water over it, you are actually stopping the “cooking process” of your skin and reducing the inflammation. Seconds count, so the sooner you get the skin under cold water the better.

After the burn has cooled, there are some very effective burn remedies to continue the healing process...here are a few:


    aloe vera burn
  • ALOE VERA: In my humble opinion THE MOST EFFECTIVE home burn remedy. After you have cooled the burn off, break off a piece from your Aloe Vera plant and apply that wonderful sticky goo right to the burn. It will soothe it and seal it from infection.

    If you are a clumsy cook like me, you can even freeze or refrigerate piece...they feel really good when they are cold!

    Just wash the leaves, cut into 2" (5cm) lengths, and slice each piece in half to expose the largest amount of gel. Wrap each piece in plastic wrap and date. To use: remove plastic, and apply the gel side of the leaf to the skin, smear over the affected areas or hold in place with a bandage.

  • SAINT JOHN’S WORT: The most effective way to use St.John’s wort on a burn is to use “Red Oil” on it. Red Oil had been used for centuries. It was used in the battlefields of the Crusaders. They used it effectively for wound healing.
  • Here is the recipe for Red Oil:

    1. Put fresh St. John’s wort flowers and leaves in a glass jar.
    2. Fill it with olive oil.
    3. Close the jar and leave it in a warm sunny place for 6 to 7 weeks, shaking it often... the oil will turn red.
    4. Strain the oil through a cloth.
    5. Store in a dark container...will keep for up to 2 years.
    Note: If a watery layer appears when the oil has stood for awhile, decant or siphon it off.

  • ECHINACEA: Put a few drops of the tincture in a liter of purified cool water; pour over the burn to help prevent infection.
  • MARIGOLD: Add 1 tablespoon of marigold tincture to 1 cup of purified cold water. Dip a white cotton cloth into it and apply to burn. Apply Calendula infused oil or Calendula ointment; Marigold (Calendula officinalis) is a healing and antiseptic burn remedy.
  • MINT: Chop up a few leaves and put them on your burn. You can hold the leaves in place by taping a piece of gauze over the area. Mint has cooling properties.

Essential Oils

*Caution: Do not use oils or creams until your burn is cooled as they will trap in the heat.

  • TEI-FU OIL: One of the most effective burn remedies. Apply 2-3 drops on affected area.

  • TREE TEA OIL: Another very effective burn remedy: apply 2-3 drops on affected area. Can also mix a few drops in raw unpasteurized honey, apply to affected area and cover.

  • lavender OIL: For small burns, such as one on your finger, apply 2-3 drops on affected area. For larger burn including sunburns, dilute the oil before applying or it may dry out your skin. Dilute by missing 1 oz. of lavender oil with 1 oz. of Aloe Vera juice. Then apply to the diluted oil to the affected area. Caution: Do not apply lavender oil to broken skin.

Traditional Home Remedies and Solutions:

  • ONION: May be used directly on a minor burn to cool and soothe.

  • VITAMIN E: Break open a capsule of vitamin E and apply directly to the burn.

    honey for a burn
  • HONEY: A proven effective burn remedy. After you have “cooled” the burn, smother it in raw unpasteurized honey and cover it with gauze or sterile cloth. Honey facilitates healing and prevents infection and can in some cases prevent burn scars.

  • POTATO: A slice of raw potato can be placed on burn to provide instant relief.

  • BLUEBERRIES: Crush blueberries and extract the juice. Keep in the refrigerator or freezer to use on burns or scalds in case of an emergency.

  • EGG WHITES: Apply egg whites to affected area to relieve burn pain.

  • SUGAR: If you burn your tongue, immediately dump a sugar packet into your mouth. Let the sugar sit on your tongue until it’s dissolved.

Caution: Minor first and second degree burns are fine to treat at home. If you suffer a severe burn, including chemical burns or electrical burns, you need immediate medical attention. Mild skin burns need medical treatment if they cover a large area or are very painful. Seek medical advice for a burn covering an area larger than the hand of the person affected. Also see a doctor if you have a fever, chills, vomiting or swollen glands; or if the site of the burns smells unpleasant or oozes pus.

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