Cures for Back Pain

Below are some proven cures for back pain. Backaches are due to mechanical disorders, which may cause or arise from damage to ligaments, muscles, vertebral joints, or disks. However, there are many herbal remedies for back pain that you can put to use right away.

back pain treatment There are two main types of back pain: Lumbago-Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Pain. No matter what causes back pain, the fact is it HURTS! Back aches are the number 2 cause of all doctors’ visits. Headaches are number 1.

If these cures for back pain do not provide relief, or if your back pain is severe or is persistent, please see you health care provider as soon as possible.

In the meantime here are some effective herbal remedies for back pain:


  • CRAMP BARK: Relaxes muscular spasms. Massage cramp bark cream into your back or take cramp bark decoction (see below), tincture, or capsules.

  • EVERFLEX: A patented formula only available through Nature's Sunshine. I found this combination of herbs the most beneficial treatment for lower back pain! Contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, hyaluronic acid and devil’s claw. Glucosamine helps maintain the integrity, lubrication and mobility of joints.
    Chondroitin promotes cartilage tissue generation and attracts fluid into the cartilage, making it more shock absorbent.
    Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a form of biologically active sulfur that is found in the human diet.
    Sulfur is important to joint health.
    Hyaluronic acid is an important component of cartilage that plays a crucial role in joint motion and homeostasis. HA promotes the viscosity and elasticity of the fluid surrounding the joints.
    Devil’s claw relieves joint pain and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity.

  • COMFREY or SAINT JOHN’S WORT: Rub macerated (to make soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid) comfrey or St. John’s wort into the back to relieve pain or inflammation.

  • HORSETAIL: Treatment for lower back pain due to conditions such as kidney stones or bladder and kidney infections. Reduces inflammation.

Essential Oils

    back pain relief
  • lavender: A relaxing bath with lavender oil is one of the most effective herbal remedies for back pain. It is one of the key oils for muscular pain.

  • MARJORAM: Can help to treat the muscular problem in the long term, as well as reducing pain.

  • GINGER: can be used when there is acute pain or pain due to fatigue or tension.

  • BLACK PAPPER: Using black pepper as one of the cures for back pain may seem strange. However, massage when there is acute pain for quick relief.

  • JUNIPER or ROSEMARY: Massage or bath for pain due to fatigue or tension.

  • BERGAMOT or MYRRH: Anti-inflammatory. Useful for massage or bath.

Vitamins and Minerals

  • OMEGA-3: Extremely beneficial for back and neck pain! Is anti-inflammatory and studies have shown Omega 3 supplements are able to relieve chronic neck and chronic low back pain. Make sure that high quality products are chosen, with guaranteed content uniformity. Such supplements may be tried in chronic neck or back pain, without risk of serious side effects.

  • Vitamin C: Proved valuable in case of severe backaches. About 2,000 mg of this vitamin should be taken daily for treating this condition. Considerable improvement will be noticeable within two days.

Traditional Home Remedies and Natural Solutions

  • GARLIC OIL: Two or three cloves should be taken every morning to get results. An oil prepared from garlic and rubbed on the back will give pain relief. This oil is prepared by frying ten cloves of garlic in 60 ml (2 oz.)of oil (mustard oil. sesame oil, or coconut oil) in a frying pan. They should be fried on a slow fire till they are brown. After the oil has cooled, it should be applied vigorously on the back, and allowed to remain there for three hours. The patient may, thereafter, take a warm-water bath. This treatment should be continued for at least fifteen days. (I personally would try this oil on a small portion of my back to make sure there was no adverse reaction).

  • LEMON: Mix the juice of one lemon with common salt and take by 2 times a day. You can also rub a fresh lemon over the affected area.

  • POTATO: Make a poultice with a shredded potato and apply to affected areas. Effective treatment for lower back pain.

  • WHOLE OATS: Cook to a mush with vinegar and apply as hot as possible (Use Caution )

  • CABBAGE LEAVES: Boil in milk until a jelly is formed, spread on a cloth and apply hot then leave overnight.

  • BATH TOWEL: Take along bath towel, fold in into 3 lengthwise and tie snugly around your waist with a sash and go to sleep. Do this every night. Among the cures for back pain, this is an important resource.

  • TENNIS BALL: Lie on a tennis ball where you think it hurts. You can move the tennis ball around as needed and it DOES hurt for awhile, but then the pain wanes and you get relief. The trick is to find the right spot so move it frequently.

  • STRETCH: A good way to stretch the lower back is to put your leg on something waist high like the dining room table or the bathroom counter top and gently stretch in both directions.

  • CHEBULIC MYROBLAN: A small piece of this fruit should be eaten after meals.

  • HEAT: One of the old standby cures for back pain is to sooth back aches or just about any other aches with heat. Wet a hand towel or larger if needed and ring it out. Place in the micro wave for about 2 -3 minutes or more if needed, place in a zip lock bag and wrap in a dry towel. place on ache and enjoy. Alternate every 15 min with ice pack wrapped in a towel.

  • ALTERNATE: Lift, shovel or rake with your “other” side. Reversed the position of your hands on the shovel, and dig to the other side, and threw with the other shoulder. Wear that purse or backpack on the “other” shoulder.

These cures for back pain will often be the only treatment for lower back pain as well as other types of back pain that will be necessary.

Unfortunately, the truth is that for long term relief from low back pain, you will need to strengthen your back with low back pain exercises. As much as we all want a quick fix this is what it will take.

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