Gingivitis Home Remedies
Treat Gum Inflammation Naturally

Tired of waking up with blood on your face and pillow? Afraid to smile not knowing if your gums are bleeding again? Don't like talking to people because of your gingivitis-caused bad breath?

I have discovered a daily regimen that can drastically reduce the effects of gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gum. Left untreated, it may lead to loosening of the affected teeth through damage to the membrane securing it. Even more alarming....people with gingivitis have a 25 percent greater risk of heart disease.

My husband has gingivitis. It was very severe at one time; however, we researched and tried different treatments and remedies until we found a daily regimen that has drastically reduce the progression of his gingivitis disease.

Here is a proven daily routine of gingivitis home remedies to follow to successfully treat it:

Start today taking an echinacea and golden Seal herbal combination. It will promote immune defense and create an unfriendly environment for bacteria. Also take Vitamin C which is most effective in decreasing bacterial growth. The third supplement is Coenzyme Q10 Dr. EG Wilkinson reported in the late 70s that at dosages of 50 to 75 mg per day coenzyme Q10 often "halted the deterioration of the gum with healing sometimes occurring within days".

peppermint oil gum inflammation Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, preferably from a farmerís market or your own garden and orchard. The antioxidants (flavonoids) are what you are trying to include in your daily diet because they have been shown to work with vitamin C in reducing gum disease.

If you canít consume plenty of high antioxidant foods such as blueberries, strawberries, spinach and Brussels sprouts, you might want to consider an antioxidant supplement.

It's vital to eat sources of calcium and magnesium. Don't make the mistake of eating the one without the other. There is lots of magnesium in almonds, brown rice, and dark-green vegetables. It is also extremely helpful to be taking a good multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Throw away mouthwashes containing harmful ingredients: for example propylene glycol (anti-freeze), sodium lauryl sulfate (industrial strength detergent) and alcohol. Every night use a mouthwash with peppermint oil instead. Put a few drops in a 1/2 cup of warm water. Contains astringent compounds which shrink inflamed tissues caused by gingivitis.

Every morning sprinkle a little cayenne powder on the toothpaste (you can use baking soda instead of toothpaste) on your toothbrush. There is a warm sensation in your mouth as you brush your teeth, but it soon disappears after rinsing. Start with very small amounts to allow your body some time to build up a tolerance.

Alternate between two toothbrushes. Allow one to dry and air out while using the other.

Scrape your tongue. The first few scrapes aren't pleasant, and may leave a bad taste and a sore tongue, but it will help fight infection and after awhile you get used to it and itís not so bad.

I hope these gingivitis remedies work as well for you as they have my husband. He was facing the removal of most of his teeth before he started this regimen. He still might have to one day because of all the prior damage done to his gum and teeth, but for right now he has successfully halted this dreadful disease and can finally go to bed without worrying how bad his gum are going to bleed in the night and he can smile...I like that part the best!

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