Effective Herbs for Headaches

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Herbs for headaches can be very helpful for this debilitating problem. Find out what causes them and how to prevent or cure them by using natural headache treatments.

I used to suffer them almost every day. Then I met this herbal lady who told me…

"This problem is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. Find the root cause and correct it".

So I did some research and found out they are most often caused by stress, tiredness, environmental factors, poor posture, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, food allergy, eyestrain, sinusitis, or low blood sugar.

I found a couple of things causing them. One was sinusitis. I started taking a wonderful herbal combination called ALJ to clean my respiratory system (doesn't shoot my blood pressure through the roof like over-the counter meds). I very seldom suffer with this problem anymore.

Here are some effective herbs for headaches to ease your pain while you work on fixing what started it in the first place:


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  • GINGER: A good herbal headache treatment for those migraines that make you sick to your stomach. Eat a small piece of fresh ginger root, make ginger root tea, or try powdered ginger in capsule form. Ginger is a warming, stimulating herb especially good for circulation.
  • Products combining various herbs for headaches: Great for sinus pains and allergies. Use products that combine a combination of herbs: Boneset aerial parts, fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds horseradish root extract, and mullein root extract. Nourishes the immune and respiratory systems.

Make a sandwich...

Researchers are studying the benefits of the herb feverfew for treating chronic aches and migraines. Ginger is an effective herb for headaches because the leaves of this plant contain a substance that relaxes the blood vessels in your brain.

Studies show that patients who eat a few fresh feverfew leaves (can put on a sandwich) or take feverfew capsules everyday have fewer and less severe migraines.(Chewing the leaf can cause mouth ulcers in some people, if this occurs, use the capsules).


*Note: Most essential oils should not be used during pregnancy...Please read labels before using.

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  • LAVENDER OIL: A great herb for headaches is lavender oil. It is best to massage a few drops of neat(can be applied undiluted to the skin) oil into your temples and the base of your neck or even at the base of your nostrils for almost instant relief. (Very gentle essential oil…but some hay fever or asthma suffers may be allergic)
  • Peppermint Oil: One of my favorite herbal headache treatments is peppermint oil. A painkiller beneficial for this problem as well as some migraines. Put a drop or two into a bowl of hot water and inhale the steam under a towel, then lie down with a warm compress soaked in sweet marjoram oil on your forehead (Add 4-5 drops to a bowl of hot water. Soak a cotton cloth in the water. Wring out).(Caution: Keep away from eyes)

    Rub a small dab on each temple or the back of the neck or forehead depending on where you are hurting. It has a cool feeling as it soaks in.

  • TEI-FU OIL: One of the very effective natural headache cures. Massage 2-3 drops into temples, also rub 2-3 drops on back of neck for those neck pains.
  • CHAMOMILE or YLANG YLANG OIL: Take a relaxing bath: use 5-10 drops.

Vitamins and Minerals

If you face this issue frequently, it could be a signal that you are low on some important vitamins and minerals.

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  • DARK CHOCOLATE: Contains high amounts of B2 "Riboflavin" that has been reported to help prevent migraine recurrences.
  • Antioxidants: In addition to herbs for headaches, Full of antioxidants that provides key nutrients needed by the body to neutralize free radicals, helps prevent cellular damage, and boost immunity. Antioxidants are the body’s natural defense against free radicals. They scavenge them, “mopping up” free radicals before they have a chance to harm cells.
  • NUTRA-CALM: Great for tension. Loaded with B vitamins and niacin. Contains stress-reducing herbs also. Designed to support the nervous system, especially when under stress. During times of stress, the body rapidly loses B vitamins. Nutri-Calm provides generous amounts of these nutrients in a base of herbs known to support optimal nervous system health.

Traditional Home Remedies and Natural Solutions

Some very basic things can help prevent or cure these aches...

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  • FRESH GARLIC BULBS: When eaten in a salad, these herbs for headaches will work quickly.
  • CIDER VINEGAR: Add 2 tablespoon to 1 cup of distilled water in small pan. Bring to a boil. Turn heat off. Put a towel over your head. Lean over fumes and take 10 deep breaths. (Caution: Be careful of too hot fumes that may hurt your lungs)
  • CAPSAICIN: Eat a hot spicy soup! Hot peppers have been reported to help.

*NOTE: If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before trying any natural remedy.

If you are looking for herbal headache treatments this page provides some ideas of where to begin. You will also want to look into other natural treatments for headaches that you probably have at home already.

Herbs for headaches are an important way to address this problem, especially if you have migraines. They are effective and safe. However, migraines with associated features such as double vision, projectile vomiting, weakness, paralysis, vertigo, or one-sided deafness require immediate medical attention. This website is not providing medical advice and should never be used in place of a doctor's opinion.

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