Natural Remedies for ADHD

If you are looking for natural remedies for ADHD due to your own experience with it, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with. An ADHD child can often be overwhelming. I know all too well the chaos that is created when attention deficit hyperactivity disorder problems are left unaddressed.

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 5. He is now 15 years old and is becoming a remarkable young man. Medication created more new problems for our son due to lack of sleep and appetite issues, so we had to turn to an ADHD natural treatment to find solutions. Here are some of the things we learned.

Diet for ADHD

The most effective thing that can be done for a child with ADHD is to control their diet. Many foods cause blood sugar fluctuations as well as allergy issues.

If your child seems to have unexplained and sometimes irrational hyperactivity, try removing dairy and refined sugar from their diet. We also found that one of the greatest contributors to mood swings and hyperactivity was things made with white flour such as pancakes.

Pancakes with syrup would set up our son to have a day where he was completely out of control. The reason dairy should be removed from the diet is due to the many allergies that are associated with it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dietary changes that will help an ADHD child. You can learn more at This excellent resource provides an in depth understanding of ADHD including natural remedies for adhd that have been proven to work.

Sleep and ADHD

The second most important ADHD natural treatment is to provide a structured sleep schedule. Children who do not get adequate amounts of sleep will have very poor impulse control and often act out.

Be sure your child is getting 12 or more hours sleep if they are 10 years old or younger. Older children and teenagers still need 10 hours of sleep.

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