Natural Remedies for Stress and Anxiety

Try these natural remedies for stress. Sometimes stress causes hypertension and stress headaches. Learn stress relief tips to deal with stress naturally as well as some amazing herbs for stress.

My doctor told me the best way to deal with my hypertension was to find a way to manage stress in my life and of course "lose weight". I am not doing too well on the second part of his advice, but I am finally learning how to deal with stress.

Below are some stress relief tips and natural ways to deal with stress that have greatly reduced my stress level and the stress headaches I was suffering. I am also now off my hypertension medicine!


massage stress One of the most effective natural remedies for stress is with natural oils. Most of the ESSENTIAL OILS are helpful. Here are some exceptional essential oils for stress:
  • ROSEWOOD OIL: A non irritant, nontoxic, and non sensitizing oil that helps to "rebalance" the nervous system in times of stress.
  • YLANG YLANG: A sedative, an antidepressant, and a tonic for the nervous system.

    Bath Blend for Nervous Tension - Add 3 drops Ylang ylang, 2 drops rosewood, 3 drops lavender to 1 1/2 teaspoons (8ml.) of a dispersable bath oil such as red turkey oil, and add to a warm bath; or drip the oils directly into the bath water and disperse with your hand. Relax in the bath for 10 minutes.

  • RELAXING BATHS: One of the most enjoyable ways to deal with stress is often overlooked in our busy lifestyles. A bath offers an opportunity to: wash away" the problems of the day while experiencing the benefits of the oil.

    Some suitable oils include basil, chamomile geranium, lavender, neroli, and rose

herbal tea for stress Sip some herbal tea...

These herbs for stress encourage relaxation and acts as a tonic to the nervous system:

  • CHAMOMILE: (To use as a sedative-make a double strength tea, using 2 teaspoons of flowers or 2 tea bags. Use a covered vessel, so the steam does not escape).

Vitamins and Minerals

Eating a good balanced diet is one of the most powerful ways to handle stress. It will make your body stronger and able to cope more efficiently. As a matter of fact nutrient deficiencies in the brain and other organs is one of the biggest causes of stress.

    dark chocolate for stress
  • L-TYROSINE: Studies show that people taking this supplement react better to stressful situations, stay more alert, less anxious, more efficient, and have fewer complaints about physical discomforts.
  • BEE POLLEN: Can boost immunity and energize the body. (NOTE: Do not take if allergic to honey or bee stings)
  • Vitamin C: A great stress reliever, and boosts immunity, making you fitter and more healthy.

  • DARK CHOCOLATE: This one is a no-brainer. Everyone knows chocolate can reduce stress...especially a "healthy" chocolate that is full of antioxidants that calm and improve your mood by releasing mood-affecting chemicals such as endorphins, phenyl ethylamine and serotonin.

More Natural Remedies for Stress

Here are some more ways to deal with stress that you won't want to overlook.

    walk to relieve stress
  • HONEY: Drink a cup of warm milk with a little honey and cinnamon. As far as natural remedies for stress go, this is amazingly easy and effective. For immediate stress relief try one spoonful of honey in hot water.
  • COUNT TO TEN: It really works. Under a lot of stress? Stop. Take some deep breaths and count slowly to ten.
  • LOOK AWAY: If you look through a window at a far distant view for a moment...the eyes relax and the tendency is for you to do the same. Or better yet...get up and go for a short walk.

  • STRETCH: Because lack of exercise is one of the biggest causes of stress, many of us respond well to stretching exercises. Stretching the muscles reduces the sensation of stress. The muscles relax and we feel less tense

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