Reducing Nausea, Heartburn,
and Indigestion During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, then you probably have experienced heartburn, indigestion, and/or morning sickness. Let's look at some natural treatments for pregnancy that you can use today.

When I was pregnant I suffered everything from heartburn to nausea and everything in between. Just trying to sit up in the morning without everything trying to come up was a chore. Then once I got the nausea to calm down, the heartburn would start raging.

Since there isn't much you can safely take when you are pregnant, I researched and found some natural remedies for pregnancy that were effective without side effects that could create problems with my pregnancy.

Here are some home cures for morning sickness, pregnancy nausea, heartburn, and indigestion:

Home and Herbal Remedies

(Consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedy)

    fresh pineapple for indigestion
  • FRESH PINEAPPLE: Contains the enzyme, bromelin, which breaks down food and aids digestion. This will reduce heartburn during pregnancy. Eat a slice of fresh pineapple after meals to ease symptoms.
  • BANANAS:Snacking on this potassium-rich fruit between meals helps to keep blood sugar levels up and reduces morning sickness.
  • GRAPES: Peel, cut, and freeze grapes to suck on when morning sickness strikes.
  • RED RASPBERRY: Alleviates morning sickness and nausea. The leaves stimulate, tone, and regulate before and during childbearing, assist contractions and helps prevent hemorrhage during labor. It relieves after-pains and strengthens, cleanses, and enriches the milk of the mother after delivery.
  • ginger tea for morning sickness
  • Ginger: One of the very best remedies for morning sickness! Can use in a tea to alleviate nausea, indigestion, pains, and diarrhea.

    Ginger is often used to help with the symptoms of motion sickness. However, if you are considering using ginger to help with your pregnancy, it is important to check with your doctor. Find out what he recommends as the best amount to take on a daily basis.

    Great Ginger Tea
    • 2 cups fresh ginger roots
    • 2 cups of water
    • 3/4 cup of sugar

    Put ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil. Cover and simmer for a least an hour. Strain off the liquid and save the pulp for a very strong, slightly sweet ginger concentrate. Store in the refrigerator. When needed, put a little concentrate in a mug, fill with boiling water, and add lemon to taste. For extra flavor, add concentrate to Celestial Seasonings ginger apricot tea.

    You can also take ginger capsules to support the digestive process and help settle stomach upset and prevent motion sickness.

  • Peppermint Oil: Great for indigestion during pregnancy as well as colic, wind, nausea, vomiting, and depressed appetite.

    Add 12 drops to 8 oz. hot (tea) or cold water for a refreshing after-meal drink.

    Cooling Peppermint Drink for Hot Weather

    Make a weak peppermint tea using 1/2 oz. (12g) peppermint and 1 pint (500ml) water. Add the juice of 1 lemon. Cool in refrigerator. Add ice and a sprig of fresh mint.)(Avoid large doses in pregnancy)

  • FENNEL: Is warming, carminative, antispasmodic, and an antidepressant. Use for colic, wind, irritable bowel, for breastfeeding: helps milk flow and reduces colic.

    Make a tea (fennel see tea bags are easily available-remember to cover cup to avoid losing any goodness)

  • PAPAYA MINT: Papaya fruit contains an enzyme called papain that can break down protein, while peppermint leaves contain aromatic compounds that trigger the production of digestive fluids.
  • dark chocolate pregnancy
  • DARK CHOCOLATE: Healthy chocolate can be very beneficial in relieving indigestion...especially in pregnancy.
  • LEMON: Cold lemon water sucked through a straw helps morning sickness. Put pure lemon essential oil on a handkerchief or washcloth and sniff when certain smells are bothering you.
  • APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Put a cup in your bath water to "balance" out your system. Add 1 teaspoon in 8 oz. apple juice or water and sip slowly throughout the day (This tastes pretty nasty even in apple I would not try drinking this if I was feeling queasy...the bath works pretty good though...if the smell doesn't bother you).

Oil to Prevent Stretch Marks: Add 4 drops mandarin, 3 drops neroli, 3 drops lavender, to a bottle containing 1 fl. oz. (25ml.) or 5 teaspoonfuls of massage oil or sweet almond oil and 1 teaspoonful wheat germ oil. Massage into the abdomen twice a day from the 5th month of pregnancy) (Note: some hay fever and asthma suffers may be allergic to lavender oil)

My daughter and daughter-in-law who thought it was real cute to be pregnant together and have my precious grandbabies 3 weeks apart and both in July...3 years ago...has done it to me again!

They are both pregnant and due 3 weeks apart.

They also both love these prenatals! My daughter gets very sick for the first 4 months and she said they help settle her stomach and she doesn't belch and taste them (her words not mine) like her prescribed prenatal vitamins.

My daughter-in-law doesn't get sick, but said she could really tell a difference in her energy level if she forgot to take one of these.

I believe it is the ginger root in it that helps with the indigestion during pregnancy as well as the antioxidants that helps with the energy level.

Natural Products for Indigestion and Morning Sickness

The effectiveness of these natural remedies for indigestion during pregnancy varies from person to person. For the best results in reducing the discomfort during this time we recommend that you consider some of the products designed to help with pregnancy.

Native Remedies is a manufacturer of herbal products that have helped many women during their pregnancy. They have a wide range of herbal formulas specifically designed to help with indigestion, morning sickness, and other problems associated with pregnancy.

I encourage you to visit their website now to learn more about safe and natural ways to reduce indigestion and other issue you may be dealing with during your pregnancy.

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