10 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss tips to help you naturally lose those pounds you have been unsuccessfully trying to lose.

Over 66 percent of adult Americans are considered overweight or obese, so it is not surprising to find that weight loss is one of the most popular New Year's resolutions.

If you are like me, you start out with the best intentions, but somewhere along the way your good intentions start to dwindle. I am not disciplined enough (right now) to hold to a strict diet…so this year I decided to start out slow.

I found some small things I can start out doing and make a small difference. I know if I can see that scale head back in the other direction...I could take bigger steps to lose weight.

So...in the meantime here is some simple things we can start doing now to help with this dreaded battle of the bulge:

  • Eat with children’s utensils! It can take up to 20 minutes before your brain realizes your stomach is full. So...to slow down and stop overeating,try eating with children's utensils. They will force you to pick up smaller bites of food, so meals last longer, but you eat less!
  • Eat off salad plate. Smaller portions will look bigger and you will not be able to fit as much on a smaller plate.
  • Foods low in calorie density, like low-fat soups and salads tend to have a high water content, so you can eat a lot of them without gaining weight. By filling up on a salad before a meal, you won’t eat as much of your entrée’, so you will end up eating fewer calories overall.
  • Don’t deprive yourself! Go ahead, order a slice of pizza or bowl of pasta, but ask them to go light on the cheese or pasta and heavy on the veggies…so you eat as much(or more) but consume fewer calories.
  • Fire up your metabolism with capsicum!

    Capsicum, the bioactive compound that makes chili peppers exude heat, can turn your metabolism up a notch while enhancing satiety and reducing hunger.

    Studies show eating about 1 tablespoon of chopped red or green chili pepper-which is equal to 30 mg of capsaicin- resulted in a boost in metabolism.

    In another study, when .9g of red pepper was given in capsule form or naturally in tomato juice before each meal, a 10% to 16% reduction in their total calorie intake.

  • Munch on an apple 15 minutes before you eat a meal will reduce your calorie intake.
  • Walk off that fat! Walking for just 2 ½ hours a week –about 20 minutes a day- can shrink your belly about 1 inch in 4 weeks.
  • Skip the artificial sweetener! Researchers believe that artificial sweeteners may hinder your body’s ability to regulate calories based on taste, so you will end up overeating.

    Go with a little bit of natural sweetener, such as raw sugar or honey, instead;

  • Drink a cup of honey and cinnamon. Drink a cup 1/2 hour before breakfast and bedtime.
  • Clean your colon! Proper cleansing of the digestive tract allows for better elimination of waste and improved absorption of nutrients from the food you eat.

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